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How does the tryout work?
First,  complete the pre-tryout registration packet on the website and print a copy of the swim waiver to bring on tryout day.  A link is available on the homepage.  You may attend any try out between the time frames on the tryout date. Tryouts will be held at North Beach behind Tower 2, where you will check in with the staff.  After a successful tryout, you will receive an e-mail, which will grant you access to complete the registration and pay.

How many times can you tryout?
Your child is allowed to tryout ONCE per tryout date. You are more than welcome to come beforehand to practice the 100 yard swim, so if you are at all nervous, we strongly suggest practicing before your test!


What does it mean to sponsor someone?
When you sign up to sponsor someone, this means that, under your membership, you are allowing the guest family to enter and exit the property of Lake Mission Viejo during the hours of the Junior Lifeguard Program without your attendance.  When the guest family is on the property, you are fully liable for their actions, whether or not you are in attendance with them. 

Is there a limit on how many people I can sponsor?
You are only allowed to sponsor two families per program year. 

What is needed from me as a sponsor?
Sponsors need to be in attendance when the guests come to the tryout. They will fill out a portion of the liability form to confirm that they are assuming responsibility for the guest family. Then, the guests will be allowed through the gate via a junior lifeguard pass, so there is no need for you to be in attendance each program day. 


How do I register?
You will now register for the program before you complete the tryout. Please make an account first before going to the registration page. Click on the registration page on our website, and complete the following waivers. Then bring the print out at the end of the registration page to ensure your online registration. 

I am not a member of Lake Mission Viejo. Can I still register for this program?
This summer, we will be allowing guests to participate in the program. Guests WILL NEED a member to sponsor them, you will be unable to participate in the tryout if you do not have a sponsor. 

Are there any discounts for multiple children?
No. There are no discounts for multiple children. 

Do you have a refund policy?
Our refund policy, which is on the release of liability form you sign at Junior Lifeguard registration states "Transfer or refund of registration fees will be granted only if notification to LMVA is made seven days prior to the start of camp. A $50.00 processing and uniform fee will be charged on all refunds. The Junior Lifeguard program is never prorated and no credit can be given for missed classes for any reason. No refunds will be given once the program has begun.”


Are uniforms mandatory?
Yes. All Junior Guards must be in proper uniform attire during program hours.

Can I use shorts, backpacks, rash guards, sweatshirts or hats from last year’s Junior Lifeguard program?
Yes. To save money and eliminate unnecessary duplicates of the same item your child may wear old Lake Mission Viejo uniform items.

Where are lost and found items placed?
There are two lost and found locations. The general lost and found is located behind Lifeguard Headquarters in tan-colored bins. If you lost something during program hours it is more likely in our lost and found bins in our Junior Guard Vault (behind Tower 3). The vault is open from 8:30-9:00am and 12:00-12:30pm Monday-Friday. 


How do I get my child in the same squad as their best friend? OR How do I make sure my children (siblings) are NOT put in the same squad as each other?
JGs are placed in squads based off of swimming ability due to safety concerns. Please email us at with any special requests after squads have been formed (not before). We will make every effort to place your child with their friends, but these requests cannot always be granted. 


I am not receiving the emails, would like to change our email address, or add on an additional email (both parents would like to receive emails instead of just one).
Please email us at for all changes, updates, and additions to email addresses.


I want to talk to my child’s instructor, in person, about… (fill in the blank).
We ask that you please do not interrupt the instructors during program hours (9am-12pm). The instructors have limited time with your kids and appreciate being able to focus on them and making their summer amazing.

If you have something you would like to make the instructor aware of you can either go through the program coordinator (Dan Moody) available Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, or you can email the coordinator at All messages will be passed along to the instructors promptly.

My child has a specific medical condition that his/her instructors need to be aware of. How do I get that information to them?
Please email us at with any medical concerns.